Matau-Marine GmbH acts as one exclusive marine sales agent in Germany for EUROPAFILTER IM AB:

EF - Authorized Dealer


Much of the oil on our planet – a dwindling resource – is simply being discarded once it has become contaminated or oxidised. This is a colossal waste, particularly as oil can actually last forever. You just need to know how to clean it.

Product: EF 2100 Oil cleaning System

Water and sofiltration-dubbel_EF2100lid contaminants are very effectively removed out from the oil with the EF2100 oil cleaning Systems.

The EF2100 Oil Cleaning Systems (OCS) are offline units which means that a small amount of oil is taken from a tank or continuously bypassed from a main ring line, cleaned in the OCS and then returned as clean oil into the oil system/machine concerned. Learn more Details on the Europafilter-Website

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