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Highly resistant to seawater, sunlight, and oxidation fender system

Lifetime tests exceed testing range of 30 years






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Marine Fender System is promising to be far superior to most fender systems currently in use and contains no zinc. The fenders are constructed from a propriety, REACH certified no-zinc formula EPDM from M + R Profiles (Seligenstadt, Germany). In June 2015, Washington State Department of Ecology in collaboration with Port of Seattle has started testing of design and material.

The distinct modular design with air cavities within the material can absorb impact forces with low reaction at a wide range of angles and speeds. It is efficient in small and large tides as it is designed to float so the fender height is always at the point that deflection is needed most.

The basic design is very adaptable to on-demand production and various types of maritime structures and uses. It’s ideal for container barge piers, dry docks, corner protection, turning dolphins, pier or bridge protection or other structures with pilings as well as PSIs and tugboats.

Fender System BMPD14Q4


  • Conceptual model of energy absorption from impact.
  • Material and design for absorption and deflection of impact energy
  • EPDM components are compression molded to highest standards
  • Components fitted together with “jigsaw” assembly, secured with Morse-tapered wedges
  • Mechanically-sealed air cavities provide buoyancy and pneumatic energy Absorption

The Breedt Marine Fender System’s floating fender is currently undergoing field tests at “The Fisherman’s Terminal” of the Port of Seattle, underwritten in part by the Washington State Department of Ecology, Pollution Prevention Program.

Material – EPDM 513


  • EPDM 513 (Ethylene Propylene-Diene-Monomer) is a high quality, zinc-free synthetic elastomer that is peroxide cured. EPDM 513 is a specifically formulated for use in the marine environment, certified by European Union standards to have no known impact. (REACH)
  • EPDM 513 is highly resistant to seawater, sunlight, and oxidation. Resistant to heavy wear and tear.  Withstands temperatures as high as 150˚ F (65,5°C) and as low as -60˚ F (-51,1°C). Lifetime tests exceed testing range of 30 years.
  • The distinct modular design with air cavities within can absorb impact forces with low reaction at a wide range of compression angles and speeds.
  • Other features include ease of installation, inspection, and maintenance, and durability. Inspection and maintenance is low impact and environmentally- friendly.

Material – 3CR12

  • 3CR12 is a weld-able ferritic stainless steel, specifically designed for aggressive material handling applications. It is intended to provide the benefits of traditional stainless steel, such as strength, corrosion and abrasion resistance, durability and low maintenance. CR12 stands for “corrosion resistant with 12% Chromium.”
  • 3CR12 maintains a consistently low cost advantage compared to other corrosion resisting materials. Offers the option to reduce costs through eliminating protective treatments and corrosion allowances. In service, this utility stainless steel goes on to generate savings in maintenance, improved productivity and longer service life. It is proven to offer lower life cycle costs than traditional materials where corrosion or abrasion affect service conditions.

Load Distribution Ring

Breedt Marine Fender System Value Proposition


Floating Fender

Rub-ring adaption

Rub-ring adaptation for Cruise Ships and Yachts

High energy absorption with low reaction

  • 25+ year useful life in harsh marine Environments
  • Floating fender suitable for open type piers and floating piers, free-standing monopoles and turning dolphins
  • Horizontal hanging fender suitable for barges and lighter age Systems




Marine Stabilizing Pile Protector



  • Inner core 3CR12 steel hoop reinforced with inner plates at angles and welded to back plate.
  • Pile protector bolted to fixed or floating dock face.
  • Steel stabilizes and protects piling against impact.


Large Fender


Breedt Marine Stabilizing Pile Protector (BMPDSP2)


Pile Fender Single

Breedt Marine Stabilizing Pile Protector (BMPDSP2) installed in wood and concrete dock facings at Alaska Marine Lines. Proving to be a more effective design for piling protection than recycled rubber strips.

Pile Fender


Our interviews and discussion with potential clients have provided us with major concerns a new fender design must overcome to break into the market – particularly performance statistics demonstrating that the product meets standards set by the maritime industry and the US Navy. Beginning of 2016 we have designed and constructed a testing unit, Waterbok, for the marine fender system to measure and monitor the fender system’s Performance.



Environmentally-friendly fender systems.


The Broward Artificial Reef of recycled tires turned out to be a reef killer, turning a swath of ocean floor the size of 31 football fields into a dead Zone.

Tire vs Fender

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