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Delivered Successful Ship Designs for more than 50 years

Innovation, Passion & Reliability


Matau-Marine GmbH acts as exclusive representative in Germany for the Swedish based marine design Company.

FKAB have delivered successful ship designs for over 50 years. This makes them an innovative and reliable partner from the first sketches to finished production documents and the delivered ship. Their customers are ship owners, shipyards, government agencies and energy providers all around the world.

Focus is sustainable ship solutions, the environment and life cycle costs are key drivers of our work, whether it is a high-speed passenger craft, offshore vessel, Tanker or a General Cargo Carrier!

Energy efficiency, low emissions of SOx, NOx, CO2, good EEDI value has become increasingly important and are an integral part of FKAB’s Total Design philosophy.

The shipping industry is a complex business with many interests represented. We do much more than just design ships, and our range of marine services is continually expanding to meet new demands.

The basis of our services is overseeing projects through project-leadership, concept studies, design calculations, development and classification.

We can take part in discussions with investors, shipyards and clients.

Thus FKAB is a valued partner of Matau-Marine GmbH and its Mission!

For more Information contact us or see the FKAB – Homepage.