ITE – Innovations

Full IT & Communications Solution on a fixed monthly base



We are a leading maritime system house with a comprehensive solution for IT & Communications. Our office is located in the center of German shipping, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg! 

We offer full IT solutions and services for merchant ships, offshore, shipping companies and superyachts, combining them with VSAT systems and services to create a solution that is always ahead of its time.



The origin of the ITE lies in one of the largest German tanker shipping companies of which todays independent ITE Information Technology Engineering GmbH emerged.

With the owner and managing director, Dipl.-Ing. Frank Eggert as well as with his management colleagues and solution specialists, the company can look back on a wealth of experience from more than 20 years in the maritime sector.



Our global mission is to be the preferred partner for IT & Communications in the maritime sector.

Our strategy for our global maritime business is fully focused on merchant ships, offshore, shipping companies and superyachts,. We focus on targeted new customer acquisition, professional customer management and organic growth.

We continue to build on the holistic approach of our solution with our core competencies in IT and communications, while remaining the agile, flexible enterprise with excellent support and fast response times that our customers value.



ITE is a valued partner of Matau-Marine GmbH and its Mission!

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