TECHCROSS – Ballast Water Treatment

TECHCROSS, a pioneer of BWMS, is at the forefront of protecting marine environment and making a better future.

Techcross is a global leading BWMS manufacturer with electrolysis technologies treating invasive marine species in the ballast water.

They have grown to be a global leading BWMS maker by obtaining the world’s first IMO Basic Approval and several remarkable achievements in the BWMS industry since IMO BWM Convention was adopted in 2004. Techcross is not only upgrading its BWMS performance but also expanding global service network to provide the customers with best possible Services.


ECS is one of the most effective ballast water management systems with the strongest disinfection efficacy by employing full flow direct electrolysis with a one-time treatment during ballasting operation and by preventing any organisms from reviving after the treatment. Its three-step disinfection process makes much stronger disinfection performance possible.


ECS disinfects invasive marine organisms in the ballast water with a one-time treatment by employing full flow direct electrolysis during ballasting operation while the ballast water is passing through ECU. TRO (Total Residual Oxidant) which degrades over time remains active in the ballast tanks even after treatment, resulting in preventing any organisms from reviving during the voyage.



ECS does not treat the ballast water during de-ballasting operation. The only required process is to neutralize the treated water before discharge to minimize the discharge of the residuals into Waters.


TECHCROSS is a valued partner of Matau-Marine GmbH and its mission!

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