Matau-Marine – Seafarer Coaching


Maritime Crewing and Coaching is a broad field. There are so many different players looking for the same crewmembers to comply with manning requirements. But one thing is for sure: They all look for their own and the shipping company requirements and needs.

We at Matau-Marine like to challenge that.

We want to put the seaman in the focus: you, your wishes, your dreams, yours needs and your abilities and skills.

Your challenge:

It is not for free – you need to invest your time, your effort and your money.

Your advantage:

Your employers, agents and other people will only get to know, what you want them to know!

Your key benefit:

You have an independent and honest Feedback about your performance from ex-masters & senior office personnel.

Our Services

  • Ability Profiling
  • Personal Skill Verification
  • Interview Coaching
  • Group Training (if desired)
  • Individual training plans – verification
  • Help for finding the next career step –> increased salary –> better chances for career ashore?

We do not want you to push you into standard Trainings!
We create individual plans and assist you personally!

Our program will be split up into 3 different stages.

  1. Personal Screening & Feedback
  2. Set goals & working out a detailed plan how to achieve same
  3. Continuous review of results, feedbacks and adjusting the targets by online conference

The complete process is flexible and adjusted to your needs.
We can only guide you, but the success fully depends on your efforts!


Your data remains fully confidential between Matau-Marine GmbH and yourself.

If you like to use our services for career development, please feel free to do so.

We are not pleasing you with our feedback. We are always open, transparent and honest. Critics are always constructive and detailed.

We are there to help you to stay safe and have the Career you deserve!

Do not hesitate to contact us for an individual solution and offer!