Crewing Agency Audit

With international standards – such as TMSA – shipping companies are more and more required not only to carry out internal audits of their crewing departments and external service providers, but to carry out independent audits.

Matau-Marine GmbH can assist as a third party auditor to audit crewing and/or manning agency’s in accordance with TMSA, ISM code and to the principals own requirements.



Why we offer independent audits?

Whatever we do, we are focussing on the human being. During our assignments, office meetings, ship inspections and visits, we always see the importance of maritime crewing for the overall performance.

We like to share our experience in this field – having a practical experience as master mariner, in martime crewing departments as well as internal auditor – to enhance our customers performance!

Our approach

We can perform audits on behalf of ship operators, in order to audit the quality of the manning agents and to fullfill TMSA requirements. Our approach can be split in two different approaches:

TMSA based crewing review:

We conduct an audit based on the principles and requirements of TMSA. The report is going to identify compliance to different stages of TMSA and areas for improvement.

This type of audit is frequently used to prepare for oil major audits. We can audit the internal crewing agency and/or the external provider.

Full Review

For the start, we conduct a review of the existing crewing procedures, identify missing links and areas for improvement. During a workshop, we develop a company specific audit checklist and report design.

Same will be used during consequent audits of the internal department and external agencies and/or crew suppliers.

Both approaches can be conducted as sole audit or part of an continuous improvement process with regular audits.


Do not hesitate to contact us for an individual solution and offer!