ISO 14001-EMS


Public awareness, pressure groups (NGO’s) and legal directives continuosly force shipping companies to have a second look at their Environment Management Practices and adopt ways to minimize pollution.

Your key benefits
  • REDUCE environmental liability and risk
  • PROOF to insurance company that sound management practices are in place
  • IDENTIFY AND EXPLORE areas for energy reduction and other resource expenditure.
  • STREAMLINE operations – organizations often realize monetary savings as a result of greater operational efficiency and energy conservation, and reduction in use of hazardous materials and generation of hazardous wastes.
  • MAINTAIN reliable compliance with legislative & regulatory requirements
  • INCREASE your competitiveness
  • SHOW your business partners, regulatory agencies, and the public that you act environmentally responsible
  • DEMONSTRATE your commitment for improvement and excellence
    Matau-Marine GmbH offers a full implementation service for small and middle sized shipping companies:

Why to implement ISO 14001
In today’s business world market pressures are forcing competing companies to better understand the costs and benefits of their products and services.  ISO 14001 is a family of standards related to environmental management that exists to help your organization to:
  • minimize the adverse environmental Impact of their operations (processes, etc.)
  • comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements
  • guide to continuous improvement and environmental excellence

How to implement:
  •  We create a tailor made ISO 14001 system for your company
  •  We guide you towards the ISO 14001 certification
  •  We develop a complete environmental management documentation
  •  We create ISO 14001 as integrated management system within your ISM 
  •  We conduct employee awareness training
  •  We can act as external environmental officer
  •  We are practical orientation
  •  We have a clear cost structure
  •  We assist in financing subsidary by BAFA and other state Regulators



Being green is the future for yachting!
By having an ISO 14001 approved “Environmental Management Plan” on your yacht you can demonstrate the world your commitment to the protection of our nature.

Your key benefits:
  • A passport to all MPA (Access to Marine Protected Areas)
  • A better risk management allowing renegotiation of insurance policy
  • A better understanding of your yacht that impact the Environment
  • A better understanding of environmental laws
  • Potentially reducing public liability insurance costs
  • A management tool for responsible Crew
  • A better market overall value of your Yacht
  • Increasing your access to new customers and business Partners
  • Demonstrating an innovative and forward thinking approach to customers and prospective employees, advantage over competitors when tendering for Business
  • Enhancing your Reputation
  • Cost savings in waste, recycling and consumption

In addition, Officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) have indicated that certification may lead to a reduction in the number of inspections required for obtaining Permits.

Matau-Marine GmbH informs you about the general requirements, supports you by developing your environmental policy (The policy will state your commitment to compliance with legal and regulatory demands, continual improvement and the prevention of pollution), staff awareness and training, plans the implementation and operation with your crew, checks and corrects actions, assists during the internal and external management review and can support you after the certification by acting as external environmental officer.

As all yacht owners a good public appearance is utmost important in all Areas. You opportunity to prove your environmental engagement by obtaining the most globally recognized certification: ISO 14001.

The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact; with the commitment of your entire organization, it can enable you to achieve both objectives.

Matau- Marine GmbH offers you a full service during implementation and maintaining your individual system.