VDR – Review

Proactive review of Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Data


Following the flight industry best practices, a routine analyzing of voyage data recorder (VDR) data should be used to further enhance the navigational safety and compliance with the requirements.

For this purpose, we can review

  • the Companies Bridge Procedures (similar to the preparation for a navigational audit)
  • VDR-Data during critical stages of the passage following “OCIMF guidelines”
  • Corresponding voyage documents

Your key benefits:

  • Snapshot of several critical periods (port approach, TSS, close quarter situations
  • Using anonymized data for internal training sessions (officers meeting) – better acceptance by crew
  • No presence of an auditor or company personnel on the bridge – a review of the routine behaviour is carried out
  • psychological enhanced awareness due to existence of random checks and trend analysis
  • Bridge crew is training the VDR handling – less problems during real incidents with defective data or missing data links
  • Reduced costs – no travel costs

Detailed presentation of the product

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