Celebrating 5 years of dedicated service
Matau celebrates "pandemic-style" & donates to the German Lifesaving Association (DLRG)
20 July, 2020 by
Celebrating 5 years of dedicated service
Matau-Marine GmbH, Peter Frömming

Safe Travel over the Seas! That has been Matau-Marine's commitment for more than 5 years ever since our founding in 2015.

Our bond stands for high-end services and solutions for the benefits of our clients. And thus, our focus is on the people aboard and ashore. Safety and Environment - two aspects that we believe in - are two side of the same medal. They go hand in hand.

We work along with humans, we deliver tailor-made solutions for individual needs of both: Crews and their Employers. They are sustainable, they are meant to live long-term, they mean added values to customers, business partners & friends alike.

Safe travel over the Seas! Our maxim calls for celebration, the achievements we have made with you all of you - the frontlines we have overcome - the milestones reached so far…

…pandemics have always been with us, they are common and call for Safety - what else? However, we celebrate 5 years Matau-Marine - who would be best match rather than the DLRG to share it with? Lifesaving, Safe Travel, Compliance - all values we have in common!

Our share is our donation this time - they need renewal and support to keep them sailing. We know exactly how that feels - the youth, the volunteers - Save and Rescue - they are our daily heroes sharing their lives with others. Thank you sincerely from the deepest of our hearts! Our thoughts are with you!

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 And keep it up for the next years! Safe Travel over the Seas! What else…?

Bianca & Peter Frömming, Marko Miessner & Holger Jablonski


Celebrating 5 years of dedicated service
Matau-Marine GmbH, Peter Frömming 20 July, 2020
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