ISO - Certification
Matau-Marine is now in the last stages of the ISO 9001:2015 certification
8 February, 2021 by
ISO - Certification
Matau-Marine GmbH, Peter Frömming

Bremen, 08.02.2021

Since the company has been founded 2015, we have been steadily growing and tried keeping our internal processes as simple as possible - focussing on quality of our services and customer needs.

As our client base is growing internationally now and our solutions portfolio is covering wider spectrums - in line with our target to deliver integrated solutions for the maritime industry - we have decided to have our processes certified by an external body. 

With the international standard ISO 9001 we have found a way to structure our processes, implement some identified areas for improvement and proof our client base full compliance with the code.

We are proud to continue our path to excellence & at the same never stop focussing the on our customer needs and highest possible quality.

ISO - Certification
Matau-Marine GmbH, Peter Frömming 8 February, 2021
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