Maritime Shipcleaning 

Rotterdam, Amsterdam & Algeciras (Spain)

For cleaning of ships, tanks (fuel & ballastwater), holds, salvage projects, super yachts.

You name it- We clean it!

Are you ready for the next bunker cargo or bunker call?

Changing of fuel grades, cleaning of tanks. Any broker, owner and/or operator in needs from Germany should contact us straight!

Contact us - we are available 24/7!

  In case of emergency call us on +49 421 6608 7770!

Planned operations


  • Fuel, Sewage, Sump Tanks (HFO,MGO/ DO/ MDO/ Lube Oil, Service Tank/ Settling Tank/ Void Spaces/ Bilges/ Exchanges/ Ballast Tanks/ Ductkeels/ Stools/ Pipe ducts)

  • Cargo Tanks/ Holds (Pumping residuals, Cargo Hold cleaning (coals, pet cokes)/ ready for loading clean products (grain, wheat, peak scrab)

Emergency assistance

24/7 to solve your challenge

Emergency response:

  • Oil spills on deck

  • Oil spills on water surface


Based on availability we have an own layby terminal in Rotterdam for vessels up to 145m and 6.5m draft!

Supply/ Rental

  • Cleaning detergents such as MSR S160, MSR SC 155, MSR S200

  • Quay available for vessels and inland barges up to 145m

  • IMO/ADR tankcontainers

    • Tankcontainer SWAB 25-35m³

    • Road tankers (IMO/ ADR)

    • Vacuum road tankers 10-35m³ (IMO/ADR)

    • Fluid tight containers

Matau-Marin e is representing  Maritime Ship Cleaning Rotterdam & Maritime Shipcleaing Spain   exclusively in Germany and we are happy to see the constantly growing number of satisfied customers! 

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