SKF RecondOil™

SKF RecondOil and Matau-Marine have partnered to explore the potential in the maritime industry of the RecondOil products.

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Rethinking Oil in the maritime world!

RecondOil from SKF enables the sustainable use of industrial oils through a unique oil reconditioning technology. This means they can be left in the same application for almost a lifetime - striving to eleminate the requirement for oil changes and therefore for high diposal costs. 

RecondOil revolutionizes the treatment of oils and reconditions them. SKF has patented this unique process, Double Separation Technology (DST), and is already successfully using it.

DST combines chemical and mechanical reprocessing of oils. It separates dirt particles – down to the nanoscale – from the oil. The aging process does not begin and the oil remains cleaner than ever. This allows almost unlimited use and a longer service life of the machine tools. The oil remains in the circuit and ideally no longer needs to be exchanged or replaced.

RecondOil is absolutely forward-looking and fundamentally changes the way we view oil. From consumables to "recyclable working tool". The system drastically reduces disposal and waste, maintaining product quality and system availability. 

Your entire oil processes can be more energy efficient and CO2 emissions as well as waste are significantly reduced.

Sustainability improvement

• Reduced CO2 impact
• Reduced energy consumption thanks to
less friction
• Reduced consumables use

Total oil cost reduction 

• Reduced costs for purchasing oil
• Reduced costs for shipment, storage and
disposal of used oil
• Reduced costs for oil-related maintenance
and production stops 

Performance improvement

• Improved system performance
• Higher availability of the machine
• Higher productivity

Transform your consumable to a 
circular ressource - a recyclable liquid tool!

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What happens to your existing "Europafilter"?

No worries! - SKF RecondOil filters are downward compatable and a standard RecondOil filter fits and can be used in your existing "Europafilter" and "Efolex" products. Contact us for more details and orders inquiries!  

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