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With our vast experience in ship-handling, ship-management and business development in the maritime industry, our team supports ship managers and owners worldwide.

We are supporting you in finding and providing best solution for your needs and consequently improve your performance.

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We always look into different travel- plans and will choose the most economical option possible.

All travel costs are charged at cost.

On-Board & REMOTE

Audits can be conducted during port-stay, en-route and remotely using VDR data or simply by reviewing documents in combination with remote interviews. Each audit-type has its own benefits.

We recommend a good mix of audit-types among a fleet to gain the most economical and best results.


Improve your KPIs such as number of port state detentions, vetting observations, accidents and incidents on a long term and gain a "   Return of Service   " by reducing cost associated to detentions, delays or costly repairs which can be avoided. Strengthens your position with potential charterers by commitment to external service providers .

Marine Audits

All our audtis will be held by former Master Mariners, having a sound foundation in the general knowledge of their profession gained on a shore- based role in addition to adequate sailing experience. 


VDR review

Matau- Marine is an experienced service provider for external VDR reviews.


USCG compliance

Preparation of vessel for COC Inspection by the USCG (initial) and review of on- board documents and logbooks to verify compliance.


TMSA Tanker

The Matau- Team has practical experience in supporting the managers and owners right from the start- onboard, ashore and as consultants. 


DBMS Dry Bulk

With the ever increasing focus on safety in the maritime industry, the bulk industry is now implementing its new management systems. Matau is supporting the managers and owners in doing so. 


LNG Bunkering Advisory

Our team can support owners, managers and their crews in gaining the required knowlege. We are carrying out reviews of the plans and documentations as well as carrying outactual hands-on trainings and audits.  


Analysis and continous improvement

In contrast to other inspections such as vetting, PSC or flag state inspections, our auditors will not only write down observations, but also give suggestions for impovements and for elimination of deficiencies. 

Our auditors share their experience and knowledge with the crew to eleminate gaps in knowledge, where possible and time allows. 

All our audits will be held by former Master Mariners, having a sound foundation in the general knowledge of their profession gained on a shore-based role in addition to adequate sailing experience.

Our comprehensive customized checklist is based on industry standards and takes into account specific company requirements for each individual client.

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