VDR Reviews

Matau-Marine is an experienced service provider for external VDR Reviews. Since 2016 we are conducting independent reviews in line with OCIMF guidelines and company SMS systems - always in compliance with GDPR requirements. 

Independent Reviews

Our reviews are conducted by professionell tanker masters verifying all of the following aspects:

  • Bridge Ressource Management.

  • Watch hand-over procedures.

  • Master-Pilot information exchange.

  • Bahavioural and procedural compliance.

  • Watchkeeping practices at sea, at anchor and during pilotage.

  • Human factors including machine interfaces.

  • ECDIS procedures and practies. 

  • Alarm management and alarm fatigue.


As all our services, the VDR-Reviews is integral part of our Navigational Concept. We are conducting the reviews to verify the requirements of:

  • Your SMS - Requirements 

  • OCIMF - Recommendations on pro-active use of voyage data recorders

  • OCIMF - Guidelines on "Remote Navigation Audits"

  • TMSA - Tanker Management Self-Assessment

  • DBMS - Dry Bulk Management System

  • SIRE - Vetting

  • CDI - Inspections

  • PSC and USCG Requirements

  • Matau-Marine Best Practices

GDPR - Data Protection

Our services are developed in line with our code of conduct for auditors and we have developed guidelines for complying with GDPR requirements and clear communication with crews and 3rd party personnel being covered on the VDR-Records. 

We keep your data safe and ensure, that private communication on the VDR records is not reviewed / recorded in the VDR Report. 


The VDR should continously maintain sequential records of preseleceted data items relating on status and output of the ship´s equipment and command and control of the ship.