Safe travel over the Seas!

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        OUR VISION

        Everything „Matau-Marine“ does, serves to achieve a more efficient, more environmental friendly and safer shipping industry.

          The vision of the founders is expressed by the name of the company itself:

        MATAU - MARINE GmbH

        For the native people of New Zealand – the Maori – the “Hei Matau” stands for “fish hook” and symbolizes prosperity, abundance, health and a good luck charm for:

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        OUR FOCUS

        We focus on people, as the central interface in a globalized and highly complex industry.

        We are aiming to actively associate shore management & employees with masters & seafarers and thus activate huge unused resources. We aim to empower everybody in the organisation and use continuous reflective learning.

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        By doing so, we  just happen to reduce costs and improve the performance of our clients’ organisations. 

        Supported with smart, efficient and innovative solutions, our clients can achieve an improved safety of crew and the prevention of environmental damages.

        A sustainable implementation of these objectives, inevitably leads to significant financial advantages for our clients.



        More than 60 years of experience in the field of marine design from Sveden! 

        New building designs, Energy audits and retrofit services. 


        More than 30 yaers of experience in cleaning engine oilsand lube oils as well as diesel down to 0.1 microns using off-line oil filtration.


        Global leading supplier of high- end ballast water treatment units. The Electro- Clean system is fully certifies and well-proven.


        Ship cleanind at it´s best! 

        Support and manpower supply for cleaning of basically anything on board your vessel.

        Available lay-by berth in the heart of the port of Rotterdam on request!