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Safe travel over the Seas!

Matau - Marine

Matau - Marine is providing optimized integrated solutions & services for the maritime industry.

We focus on people, as the central interface in a globalized and highly complex industry. 

Our aim is to enhance the exchange of experiences between shore management & sea staff, and thus activate enormous potential. We strive to empower everybody in the organization and use continuous reflective learning.   

Our vision

Everything "Matau - Marine" does serves to achieve a safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly shipping industry. 

Our vision is expressed by the name of the company itself: Matau - Marine.

For the native people of New Zealand- the Moari- the "Hei Matau" stands for "fish hook" and symbolizes strength, good luck and safe travel across water.

The Concept

Matau - Marine was incorporated in 2015 with a mission to provide "safe travel over the seas". The key drivers of Matau- Marine are reliability, transparency, cost management, strategic diversification, and continuous innovation. 

Who we are

Our Team comprises of master mariners and  a wonderful diversity of employees, all with the collective aim of delivering on our commitments. This diverse experience is what differentiates Matau - Marine services from its competitors. At Matau - Marine, the philosophy is to walk hand in hand with our business partners for safer, smoother, reliable and hassle-free operations. 

What we do

Matau - Marine manages comprehensive marine services, building strong relationships with a dynamic marine environment. This experience and due diligence enable Matau- Marine to define their areas of expertise while maintaining the flexibility to respond to every change in the business objectives of their business partners.

Matau-Marine GmbH

Deliver the commitments of today while embracing the necessities of tomorrow.

We have the professional pride & passion for the services we deliver! 
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