LNG Bunkering Advisory

The Matau-Marine Team has vast experience when handling liquified gases in bulk in senior positions.
We use this experience to assist companies when introducing LNG as fuel. 

LNGBMP Reviews

Our reviews are conducted by professionell tanker managers verifying all of the following aspects:

  • Is it fit for purpose?

  • Does it provide actual benefit to the crew?

  • Does it contain all recommended data?

  • Does it identify all possible risks involved in an LNG bunkering operation?

Preparation stage advisory

We are conducting the review of the planing documents to verify:

  • that they address the recommended & necessary risk mitigation measures?

  • that they unambiguous and easily workable?

On-site advisory

Monitoring of the whole bunkering process from connection to disconnection and documentation. Providing operational support, input & guidance as required by the crew.

On-site audit

A classic audit, observing how the documented procedures are being executed and what the level of crew training and capability is.

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