MSR- Martime SHIpcleaning Rotterdam

For cleaning of ships, tanks (fuel & ballstwater), holds, salvage projects, super yachts.

You name it - We clean it! 

Are you ready for the neXt bunker cargo or bunker call?

Changing of fuel grades, cleaning of tanks. Any broker, owner and/or operator in needs from Germany should contact us straight!

Contact us - we are available 24/7!

In case of emergency call us on +49 421 6608 7770!

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Our specilists will provide total disinfection of your workspaces. By means of nebulization we can quickly and adequately disinfect an entire room. 

After 30 minutes, the room is ventilated and the room can be reused.

Matau-Marine is representing Maritime Ship Cleaning Rotterdam exclusively in Germany and we are happy to see the constyntly growing number of satisfied customers! 

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Planned operations


  • Fuel, Sewage, Sump Tanks (HFO,MGO/ DO/ MDO/ Lube Oil, Service Tank/ Settling Tank/ Void Spaces/ Bilges/ Exchanges/ Ballast Tanks/ Ductkeels/ Stools/ Pipe ducts)

  • Cargo Tanks/ Holds (Pumping residuals, Cargo Hold cleaning (coals, pet cokes)/ ready for loading clean products (grain, wheat, peak scrab)

  • Hull cleaning in ARA- Range => contact us for an offer for hull cleaning in the ARA- Range!

Emergency assistance

24/7 to solve your challenge

Emergency response:

  • Oil spills on deck

  • Oil spills on water surface


Based on availability we have an own layby terminal in Rotterdam for vessels up to 145m and 6.5m draft!

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Supply/ Rental 

  • Cleaning detergents such as MSR S160, MSR SC 155, MSR S200

  • Quay available for vessels and inland barges up to 145m

  • IMO/ADR tankcontainers

    • Tankcontainer SWAB 25-35m³

    • Road tankers (IMO/ ADR)

    • Vacuum road tankers 10-35m³ (IMO/ADR)

    • Fluid tight containers