Non-Destructive Testing for Mooring Equipment.

Matau-Marine acting as solution provider for Germany and the Baltic States.

BollardScan - Technology

Innovative verification of mooring systems:

  • Non-destructive full System Check

  • Fast easy deployment

  • Minimal Operational Impact

  • Proven Technology

  • Endorsed by VCE and main insurers

  • Certified by LR

Bollards meeting our testing requirements and earning a certificate can be insured!

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Rest assured you are insured!

BollardScan is providing a currently unique offer to it’s clients:

  • Bollards meeting our testing requirements and earning a certificate can be insured.

  • The policy will cover the cost of replacement of the unit for the validity of the issued certificate

  • The client must take steps to keep a mooring log, adhere to best maritime practice and meet our terms and conditions to qualify for coverage

  • With the risks of using older equipment the relative cost of our certification and the possibility of insurance and a credible test document for future audits you cannot afford not to think about us!

Matau-Marine is acting as service provider exclusively in Germany as well as in the Baltic States. We are happy to see the constantly growing number of satisfied customers! 

Why to choose BollardScan-Technology?

Other alternatives are available, but they are not practical in daily business and do not allow for non-destructive-testing and insurance. 

See below the main competitive products and compare same with BollardScan. 


  • Cost efficient

  • Non-destructive

  • No risk for infrastructure

  • No tugs or heavy machinery

  • No stoppage of berth activity - bollards can be scanned quickly, when not in use. 

  • Fast and flexible

  • Class certified process

Tug Test

  • Limited size of tugs

  • Highly dynamic forces

  • High risk to infrastructure

  • High risk to safety

  • Tug time required

  • No OEM will accept this methodology

Bench Test

  • Only checks casting not system

  • Possible to damage equipment

  • Difficult to replicate mooring angles

  • No  standards for testing

  • 3rd parties provide limited support

  • Time consuming process

  • Expensive for 100% verification

  • Potential for personal safety

Hydraulic Rig

  • High cost of deployment

  • Time consuming

  • High risk to infrastructure & safety

  • Major stoppage of berth activity

  • Use of wire rope

  • No governing standards

  • Damage to quay structure

  • Extremely expensive