Non- Destructive Testing for mooring equipment.

Matau- Marine acting as solution provider for Germany and the Baltic States.


How we work

Innovative verification of mooring systems:

  • Non-destructive full System Check

  • Fast easy deployment

  • Minimal Operational Impact

  • Proven Technology

  • Endorsed by VCE and main insurers

  • Certified by LR

“Soon is not as good as now.”



The BollardScan TM  is a unique way to establish the integrity of the bollard and its foundation. And whether it still meets the design requirements of the structure. The methodology that was developed in-house is based on the transmission of vibration and sound through the structure allowing us to pinpoint any errors.


When scanning a bollard we place a number of sensors on the surface of the structure above the ground. A vibration is initiated by tapping on the bollard in various directions and with various forces. Experiments have proven that the bollard and around 1 m 3  is covered by the vibration. The returned vibrations will be recorded and analysed by a sophisticated computer program. This will result in a number of graphs. The results of the test and the visual inspection form the basis for clear and concise reporting including a risk analysis.

Rest assured you are insured!

BollardScan is providing a currently unique offer to it’s clients:

  • Bollards meeting our testing requirements and earning a certificate can be insured.

  • The policy will cover the cost of replacement of the unit for the validity of the issued certificate

  • The client must take steps to keep a mooring log, adhere to best maritime practice and meet our terms and conditions to qualify for coverage

  • With the risks of using older equipment the relative cost of our certification and the possibility of insurance and a credible test document for future audits you cannot afford not to think about us!

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